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Frequently Asked Questions...

- What do I need before I start uploading?
- How do I input stones with multiple or maiden names?
- What about cemetery entrance photos?
- What are the guidelines for photos?
- When will my photo be displayed?
- What kind of comments are appropriate?
- Why do I keep getting errors when I try to upload?
- Some Stones have names but no death dates. What do we do?
- I made a mistake on one of my submissions-- how do I fix it?
Q:What do I need before I start uploading?
A:Photos - A scanned or digital gravestone photo of an individual buried in this state.
County - you must know the county where the individual is buried.
Cemetery Name - you must know the Cemetery in which they are buried.
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Q:How do I input stones with multiple or maiden names?
A:Quantity of Names - Use the drop down box to select the number of names on the photo being submitted. If you will be submitting multiple views of a stone with different names on each side, list only those names applicable to this view.
Name Fields - Fill in the Surname, First Name and optional Maiden Name boxes if known.

A seperate searchable record will be created for each name. To conserve space, all entries will share the same photo.
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Q:What about cemetery entrance photos?
A:You may find it desirable to submit a view of a cemetery in general, such as an entrance rather than a specific stone. We've made provisions for this. Click on the "Cemetery Entrance" tab on the Submit page for these type of photos. Again, please do not include the word 'Cemetery' in the Cemetery Name box as it is automatically inserted. Please do include the name of the township in the "Township" field if known.
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Q:What are the guidelines for photos?
A:Gravestone Photos should be of ".jpg" or ".jpeg" format. The dimensions of the original photo does not matter, but the photo file size must be under 1500k. Ideally pictures are cropped to emphasize the stone and inscription prior to uploading. Uploaded photos are automatically resized to a standard height and width, and optimized for storage space conservation. The smaller the file size the quicker they will upload for you.

Use the "Browse" button to locate and select the photo on your PC. Be sure the file matches the person whose grave you are documenting.

Click Submit when all information is entered and your photo will be on it's way.
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Q:When will my photo be displayed?
A:Your photo will not be displayed immediately as all submissions are reviewed first by the local county administrator to ensure the photos, cemetery names and other info are consistent with the mission of the project. In most cases, they will likely appear online within 24-48 hours.

Please allow for special circumstances of illness or other situations that may result in a delay in approval. Please don't submit duplicate photos if they don't appear right away. If there is any question, feel free to drop the county administrator a note. Thanks for contributing to the Gravestone Photo Project!
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Q:What kind of comments are appropriate?
A:The comments field is not required, but can be used to convey additional information about the stone. This might include a transcription of a hard to read stone, or the fact that an individual was a Revolutionary or Civil War Veteran, as examples.
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Q:Why do I keep getting errors when I try to upload?
A:The main cause of errors during upload is large file sizes. The current limit for uploaded photo file sizes is 1500K. If the file that you are attempting to upload is larger than this, you will likely get: an error message; a browser time-out; or a server error.
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Q:Some Stones have names but no death dates. What do we do?
A:The inscriptions on gravestones in a public cemetery are, in effect, public record. Many individuals, while still living, have chosen to erect gravestone monuments with their names and birth dates inscribed as a part of advanced funeral planning. While we acknowledge that gravestone inscriptions are public information, it is our recommendation that searchable surname and given name entries be made for only those who are deceased as evidenced by a date on the grave marker or by personal knowledge.
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Q:I made a mistake on one of my submissions-- how do I fix it?
A:You will need to contact the coordinator for the county where the cemetery is located. Click on the Contact Us link at the bottom on the website. Be sure to refence the exact name of the stone which you need changes made.
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