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Welcome to the Gravestone Photo Project.

The purpose of this project is to capture the digital images of each and every gravestone in the State of Maine. 

By housing digital images of these stones, we are working to create a research repository for those people who cannot make the trip to Maine when searching for their ancestors. 

In addition we are working to preserve information which may otherwise be lost due to time, weather and even vandalism.

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photo records from across Maine
submitted by more than 70 volunteers!
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UPDATED 9/03/2010:

All photo submissions must be approved by a County Coordinator before they will be available to the general public.  While we try to check for new submitted photos, please understand that sometimes life gets in the way, and it could take a little longer before you see your submissions on the web site.

If you have a question concerning your submission, please feel free to contact me at : and put Maine Gravestone Photo Project or something similar in your subject, or I may delete it as spam.

All major updates and/or announcements regarding this web site will be posted to our home site at the following web address : is a site dedicated to multiple facets of Maine's history, and is the "parent" site of this particular project.  Please take the time to look at the other site and view any information I have about updates to this site.

 - Brian

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